About the company

The company "MS-Project" was founded in 2002 to meeting needs of industrial enterprises of the internal Russian market. It brings together companies, providing products and services to the oil, energy, mining and chemical industries of Russia and the Commonwealth.

We supply (trade wise):
For electric power industry - high, medium and low voltage power cable, including:

  • cables for overhead power lines, cables for ground, underground and underwater laying, the "Multi-Whiskey" cable, a shielded cable,
  • fittings and couplings/ joints,
  • medium-voltage cable, had designed by our specialists with improved mechanical protection ARMOLIGHT ™ and armored cable ARMAVEN ™,
  • cables for high and ultra high voltage (110 - 500 kV)
  • cable boxes high and very high voltage (110 - 500 kW)
  • cable accessories and related products for the laying and installation of the cable line.

For oil production - equipment and spare parts for oil drilling, exploitation and repair of wells, special cables for drilling rigs, including

  • for electrical submersible pump unit (ESP)- submersible heat-resistant (up to 232 C) leaded (armored) cable brand CELF, manufactured by Baker Hughes, , Tyumen and brand KEPSBPT , produced by Holding «Kablovi» a.d. Jagodina (FKS), Serbia.
  • heat-resistant cable extension for submersible equipment, produced by «REDA», «ODI», «Centrilift», «ESP» companies.
  • Extensions heat resistant performance UB46-2 (230) for the repair of cable lines power ESP
  • operative parts for ESP (unit guide wheel and operating) that are singly or doubly performed from corrosion and durable cast iron Ni resist ™
  • Subs, drilling sleeves, spare parts for hydraulic tongs and spiders “Oil Country“, “Eckel” and “CNG”
  • Cable production «PRYSMIAN Kabel und Systeme GmbH» power supply connection of electric motors and frequency converters on drilling rigs.

For coal mining - special cable, produced by «PRYSMIAN Kabel und Systeme GmbH» and fittings for the equipment for using on coal mines and on sections, namely,

  • Mine cables for the mining industry (for the shearers, self-propelled carriages and mining excavators)
  • Cable fittings (box joints, connectors, accessories)

For oil refining and chemical industry

Instrumentation, control and thermocouple cables for process control and instrumentation and production of «LEONI Kerpen», "Industrial projects» division of «LEONI» international concern.

The Company also includes the company's production facility and stocking yard in Nizhnevartovsk.

The Company headquarters is situated in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Company has its separate subdivisions in the several regions - Western Siberia, Ural, Krasnodar region.

"MS-Project" is an official distributor of international manufacturer of cable «PRYSMIAN Kabel und Systeme GmbH», a dealer of international manufacturers of cable fittings, terminations, jonts and etc. , produced «Cellpack Electrical Product», Switzerland, «Tyco Electronics», Germany, «Elcon Megarad», Italy and authorized supplier of cables and wires Group «Leoni».

The specialists of MS–project constantly improve their skills, receive training and are factory-certified manufacturer «PRYSMIAN Kabel und Systeme GmbH».